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Customers of  A S TRANSPORT Company take on to accept  and apply the following conditions of use. The term “customer” is related to every natural or legal person who uses  A S TRANSPORT.

The driver, representative of the  A S TRANSPORT society for each service, must systematically uphold the present terms and conditions.

The driver can decide to exclude temporarily or permanently each customer who will infringe the present terms and conditions according to the gravity of the facts (vandalism, insults to the driver or other passengers, etc.). In this case, there will be neither refund, nor indemnity of any kind for the customers responsible for the troubles.

The present GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE are available in each vehicle as well as on the web site of  A S TRANSPORT at https://www.astransportprestige.fr/


Following the 01.06.1978 law about information technology, files and liberty, individuals are notified that their personal information may be stored on computers. Those personal data are strictly confidential. The right of access and rectification may be used at the head office of AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE.


Booking is mandatory for every service of AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE. Booking can be done:

  • By phone
  • By e-mail
  • By SMS
  • By mail
  • orally

The booking contract will be established between the customer and AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE and will only be considered firm after the payment of 50% of the price.

For the best availability to our customers, AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE requests that booking should be made, if possible, at least 48h in advance.

Booking regarding a special service (provision of a vehicle, service needing more than one vehicle, long distance service..) should be made at least a week in advance.

The terme “transportation contract” covers the deal between the customer and the AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company. Acceptance of the contract can be written (mail, email, sms) or made orally. The transportation contract, to be considered as such, must at least include: The name of the natural or legal person for who the transport is done

  • The number of passengers
  • Time and date of the pick-up
  • The place of the pick-up
  • The destination place
  • Total price of the transport and the amount of the down payment
  • Those conditions must be specified for the booking.

Every specificities (animals, special luggage, etc.) have to be specified at the time of the booking or AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company may refuse to meet its commitments (CF articles 4, 5 and 6).

These information will be added by A&N TRANSPORT PRESTIGE on the “collective persons transport ticket”, official document mandatory in the vehicle during transport.

AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company retains the right to refuse any service that is judged, for any reason, not possible. Any customer request during transport may possibly change the all transport contract. The « “collective persons transport ticket” will be changed. Therefor the driver has the right, in such case, to accept or no the customer request. The cost can be subsequently changed.

The AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company may bill half the total price of the service for any cancellation during the 24 hours before it.

The day of the service, if the customer cancels the booking while the driver is already at the meeting place or arriving, the total amount of the bill will be due.

Article 4 : LUGGAGES

Luggages taken for the transport, their number and their size should be specified during the booking.Should this not be the case, or if their number or size doesn’t fit those given during the booking, AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE retains the right to refuse part or all luggages or even refuse the transport.

Luggage must be in an acceptable state of cleanliness and safety to be accepted in our vehicles.  The AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company prohibits any dangerous, toxic, nuisance or illegal materials on board, even in luggage. The AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company cannot be held liable in the case of damage, loss or steal of the contents of luggage or transported luggage.

Article 5 : PETS

Pets (dogs, cats), as appropriate, must travel in a cage and in the trunk of the vehicle, including persons with disabilities assistance dogs. Their desired presence and their number must be mentioned during the booking.

The AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company retains the right to refuse animals in its vehicles. Reptiles, rats, monkeys, ferrets and all exotic pets are strictly prohibited.


All customers of AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE must behave courteously towards the driver and other passengers, and are committed to report onboard of the vehicles respecting the basic rules of hygiene and punctuality.

The driver is allowed to objectively deny access to the vehicle to a customer showing a behavior that clearly induced a risk of disturbing public order (drunkenness, aggression, various violence…) or potentially annoying for other users (lack of hygiene,…). When a passenger shows one of these behaviors during transport, the driver may force him to leave the vehicle (with the exception of minor passenger who will be in such case leaved at the nearest public establishement: city hall, police station,…).

Customers must remain seated during transport. The driver has to refuse access to the vehicle for passengers exceeding the number of seats.

The passenger must fasten seat belt (article R 412-1 of the highway code). Violators can be subject to a fourth class fine under the highway code as well as the application of the above sanctions.

In our vehicles, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Smoke (Decree No. 92-478 dated May 29, 1992)
  • drink potentially messy or alcoholic beverages (sodas, coffees…),
  • put feet on seats,
  • Sully or degrade the material, let packaging and other waste, bottles, newspapers, documents in the vehicle and throw litter thought the open windows of the vehicle
  • make use of any devices or individual sound instruments without listener,
  • travel with smelling, inflammable, toxic or dangerous objects
  • interfere with the driver or his driving during the transport, without compelling reason
  • disturb by any behavior, traffic and other road users,
  • operate the emergency exits or any doors opening and closing systems (except in case of accident),
  • move into the vehicle during the transport (article 223-1 of the penal code).
  • disturb the tranquility of travellers,
  • improperly occupy designated seating positions,
  • manipulate lighter, matches, cutter, knife, scissors and anything likely to endanger the health of others (article 223-1 of the penal code)
  • sell objects of any kind and begging.

The degradation and other acts of vandalism and of anti-social behavior will be subject to prosecution with request for repair or compensation.

All these rules of conduct apply to the driver who must get off and ensure the safety of customers at each stop of the vehicle. Only the driver may open and close the trunk in order to load and unload its contents.

Any convenience stop can be refused by the driver.

Article 223-1 PENAL CODE: directly exposing others to an immediate risk of death or injury that results in dismemberment or permanent disability by a clearly deliberate violation of a particular security obligation or care imposed by the law or the rules is punishable by one year imprisonment and a15 000 euros fine.


In case of unexpected driving incidents during transport that no longer allow the transport service (impassable road, accident,…), the driver, if possible, transports customers to the closest accessible stop.

Minor passengers, wherever possible, are deposited in the nearest public establishment: city hall, police station,…or kept on board the vehicle when conditions permit.

The driver ensures that the families of these minor passengers are informed of the situation.


Objects found in vehicles will be given to the driver and centralized at AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company office for a period of 60 days beyond which, if they were not claimed, will be brought to the Lost and Found office.

Article 9: COMPLAINS

Any claim must be addressed to Alexandre LAYADI, head of AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the address of the head office: 230 Avenue de Gascogne – 13300 Salon de Provence

Article 10: pricing

The amount of the transport must be paid on departure thereof. AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company shall inform the customer of the cost of the transport at the time of the booking.

The AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company does not bill pick-up charge.

Toll charges will be calculated and added to the price of the transport (outward and return trips) Services outside AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company such as meals or entrance of different tours and other tourist monuments and sites are not included.

Tours are subject to weather and hourly openings of the different sites and can therefore be changed accordingly.

Pricing will not be increased for luggage.

The AS TRANSPORT PRESTIGE Company calculates the kilometre transport distance using «Via Michelin ©» or «Mappy ©»

Pricing will be different if the transport is single or return, as well as if it’s a day, night, or weekend transport.

Pricing is increased for 5 passengers or more.

In case of voluntary or involuntary soiling, cleaning will be charged at a flat rate of 180 Euro TTC.

In case of voluntary or involuntary degradation, repair will be charge at the rate of the usual vehicle service garage invoice.

Rates up to 4 passengers:

  • Kilometric rate round trip day: 0.75 Euro
  • Kilometric rate one way day: 1.50 Euro
  • Kilometric rate round-trip during night: 0.95 Euro Kilometric rate one-way during night: 1.90 Euro Rates for 5 to 8 passengers:
  • Kilometric rate round trip day: 1.00 Euro
  • Kilometric rate one way day: 1.75 Euro
  • Kilometric rate round-trip during night: 1.20 Euro
  • Kilometric rate one-way during night: Euro 2.10

Pickup rates (pick-up does not include the kilometers, which are additionally charged):

  • Day rate: 30 Euro / hour
  • Night rate: 50 Euro / hour
  • Minimum price: 20 Euro / day and 25 euros / night.
  • Day hours are between 8 h 00 am and 18 h 00 (6 h00 pm), night schedules between 18: 00 (6h00 pm) and 8: 00 am. Where a pick-up infringed on night hours, night rates will be charged. Weekend rates (Saturday and Sunday) are the same as night rates.